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Common Job Hunting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When you’re out looking for a job, one of the drawbacks of asking advice from well-meaning friends and from online buddies is that often people pass out the conventional wisdom that isn’t actually ground in reality. So what you get are seemingly sensible tips that aren’t always true, and they...

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How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

When you send your CV (resume) to potential employers, you’re not supposed to just drily list your educational attainment and work history. You also need to introduce yourself as a person, and for that, you have the cover letter. This cover letter is supposed to highlight your personality, and your goal is...

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10 Steps Guide To Working With Recruiters

Building relationships with recruiters can lead you to career opportunities that you might not know about otherwise. Most organizations don’t publish the positions, they hire recruiters to help fill them. Therefore, identifying and connecting with recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise can be very beneficial, but remember that...

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